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What Is It?

Project Sprouts is a highly cohesive, loosely coupled collection of features that take some of the suck out of programming.

Sprouts is a modular development platform that takes advantage of Ruby and RubyGems to share code generators, libraries, executables and automated build tasks. It runs anywhere Ruby does, including OS X, Windows, and *nix variants.

Sprouts has been seen working on Mac, Windows and Linux and while it currently targets ActionScript, Flex and AIR development, tools can be easily created to improve any programming environment.

What are are folks saying?

The best thing to happen to Flex since Matt Chotin....
Ryan Stewart, Adobe Flash Platform Evangelist
I swear project sprouts is the most significant single thing in terms of changing my work flow.
Stray, ActionScript developer

Why would someone use Sprouts?

There are lots of reasons to use Sprouts for your projects, here are some of mine:

Getting Started

To get started with Project Sprouts and Flash development, you'll need Ruby (>= 1.9.2 Mac, Win, Nix), RubyGems (>= 1.3.7) and at least some interest in the programming language Ruby and the build tool Rake.

# Install the ActionScript 3 / Flash Bundle:
gem install flashsdk --pre

# Generate a new ActionScript 3 project:
sprout-as3 SomeProject

# Move into the new project:
cd SomeProject

# Install dependencies:
bundle install

# Compile and run the main project:

# Congratulations - you're up and running!

Go a little further with Test-Driven Development:

# Generate a class, test and test suite:
sprout-class utils.MathUtil

# Compile and run the test harness:
rake test

And finally:

# Show available tasks:
rake -T

Getting Help

Sometimes, getting everything set up and running doesn't go as smoothly as we hope. When this happens, we consider this a failure on our end. One of the core objectives behind Sprouts is to make it painless to get up and running—if it's not, then we have failed.

If the information on the installation page doesn't get you unstuck, please send us your operating system information, any potentially helpful terminal output and the following:

# Ruby version:
ruby -v

# RubyGems version:
gem -v

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