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The FlashSDK is a collection of project and file generators, automated build tasks, external libraries, executables, and runtimes that make it possible to create SWF and AIR content.

If you're just getting started with the FlashSDK, you'll probably want to read more about the following topics.


The FlashSDK comes with a handful of standard generators. These generators should be installed into your system $PATH when you install the FlashSDK gem. In general, Sprout generators fall into one of two categories: a) Application Generators, or b) File Generators.

Application Generators can be run from any directory on your system and will usually create a new folder and place a large number of files into that folder. These generators usually don't have any prerequisites in terms of where they're run.

File Generators usually expect to be run within an existing project directory, and often have dependencies related to the type of project they're run in. For example, most Class generators expect to find a Gemfile in the same directory where they're run.

If you're interested in creating your own Generators, please see the Sprout::Generator documentation.

See Also:

ClassGenerator, FlexProjectGenerator, ProjectGenerator

Rake Tasks

The FlashSDK includes a number of automated build tasks that work with the Rake build system.

If you're not familiar with Rake, you should stop right now and read Martin Fowler's essay introducing it to the world:

See Also:

MXMLC, COMPC, FDB, ADL, ADT, FlashPlayer::Task


There is a growing collection of libraries that have been made available to Sprouts users. The first of these projects is the automated unit test framework, AsUnit.

To include a new Sprout Library into your project, you'll need to take the following steps:

  • Add it to your Gemfile like:

    gem "asunit4", ">= 4.0.0.pre"
  • Add it to your Rakefile like:

    library :asunit4
  • Add it to your Rake Task like:

    mxmlc 'bin/SomeProjectRunner.swf' => :asunit4 do |t|
  • From your project root, run:

    bundle install

If you're interested in learning more about how to create new libraries, check out the Sprout::Library documentation.

Executables / Runtimes

The FlasSDK also includes a number of tools that help us compile and run ActionScript (or AIR) applications.

These executables are usually accessed via Rake, and shouldn't require any manual intervention, but some of you are interested in where these applications live and how to change how they're accessed.

Following are the {Sprout::Specification}s that are included with the FlashSDK:

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