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Ruby Version >= 1.9.2?

It is especially critical that Windows users be running a Ruby that is greater than or equal to version 1.9.2. The previous versions of Ruby had critical bugs that prevented this version of Sprouts from working.

We highly recommend Windows users get going with the Ruby Installer. You should know that this installer includes a version of Mingw


Using Ruby Version Manager (RVM)?

Ruby Version Manager is a tool that makes it very easy to switch between different versions of Ruby. It also gets your system into a state where you don’t use sudo to install RubyGems.

Are XCode / Developer tools installed?

Be sure you have installed the OS X “Developer Tools” which should have been included with your operating system DVD.


Debian system (like Ubuntu) don’t like RubyGems in the path

You will likely need to update your system path to accomodate installed RubyGems.