Mailing List

Join the Sprouts Project Mailing List on Google Groups. Its the best way to find answers to tough problems and get involved with the latest developments in the project. If Sprouts does not behave as you would expect, please throw a message on our list as it is probably a bug that we don't know about.

Bug Tracking

We work hard to keep the issue tracker up to date, so if you experience any problem at all, please search for it first and add a new issue if it's not already there. We'll do our best to get the issues taken care of quickly, and at least to get you a workaround so that you're not blocked.


Sprouts source code is hosted by Github and located here:

Here is a great tutorial for contributing to the project:
Forking and pull requests

Core Team

Who's pulling all this together?
Sprouts Core Team:

  • Luke Bayes - Founder
  • Jonathyn B. Tellez - Generator Master
  • Matthew Gary Smith - Rubyism Consultant
  • Demyan Rogozhin - *nix Guru
  • Todd Cullen - Evangelist aka Webmaster