Class Sprout::SWFMillInputTask
In: bundles/as2/lib/sprout/tasks/swfmill_input_task.rb
Parent: Rake::FileTask

The SWFMillInputTask will generate an XML document by combining an ERB template with a selected directory. The resulting XML document should be appropriate as input for the SWFMill tool.

The good news is that you should probably never need to see this task since the SWFMillTask will automatically create it when that task is given a directory as input.




DEFAULT_TEMPLATE = 'Template.erb'


input  [RW]  Directory to scan for files that get added to the template
input_expr  [W]  Blob or expression that will be used to find files to include
template  [W]  ERB template that will be used to generate the output xml

Public Instance methods

The output XML document to generate. This should be appropriate input for the SWFMillTask.


# File bundles/as2/lib/sprout/tasks/swfmill_input_task.rb, line 49
    def output=(output)
      @output = output