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Last Update: Fri Aug 07 21:52:02 -0700 2009

ActionScript 3.0 Bundle

The ActionScript 3 Bundle provides support for ActionScript 3.0 project and class generators as well as Rake build tasks.

You can install this bundle and run it‘s project generator as follows:

  sprout -n as3 SomeProject

Once you have generated a new project, using a terminal, you can change to the newly created directory and use script/generate to create a variety of other features.

To generate a new ActionScript class, test case and test suite, simply run the following from the same directory as your rakefile.

  script/generate class [fully-qualified-class-name]

For example:

  script/generate class utils.MathUtil

While you can change where classes are created by modifying your ProjectModel, if the default values are used, the following statements should be correct:

The class will be created in:


The test case will will be created in:


The test suite will be created or updated at:


If the class name passed into this generator ends with ‘Test’, only a test case and test suite will be generated in the test package and no class will be generated.

You can also only create the test case and test suite by calling it‘s generator directly as follows:

  script/generate test utils.MathUtilTest

You can update only your test suite by simply initiating the suite generator as follows:

  script/generate suite

Available Rake Tasks