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Last Update: Fri Aug 07 21:52:02 -0700 2009

A Library is simply shared code. Some libraries are distributed with only source, others are only pre-compiled binaries (SWC for ActionScript libraries), and still others are made available in both forms.

The Sprout::LibraryTask will download and copy a remote library sprout gem. The remote archive can include (or reference) either source or a pre-compiled file. For ActionScript libraries, this would be a SWC file.

This task is integrated with some of the compiler tasks in such a way that if an Sprout::MXMLCTask has any number of library tasks in it‘s prerequisites list, each of those libraries will be added to the compiler directive appropriately.

Following is a simple example of a library task. Using only this simple task definition, the Adobe corelib library sprout gem will be downloaded, installed and copied to your Sprout::ProjectModel lib_dir.

  library :corelib

By adding this named task as a prerequisite to your compilation task, that SWC will also be added to the Sprout::MXMLCTask library_path parameter.

  mxmlc 'bin/SomeProject.swf' => :corelib

You can also specify a particular library gem version if the library has changed since your project began.

  library :asunit3 do |t|
    t.version = '3.0.1'

This will ensure that only that particular library version is used for this project.

You may want to refer to a library using a particular task name, but have it use a different library sprout gem. This can be done using the gem_name parameter as follows:

  library :asunit do |t|
    t.gem_name = 'sprout-asunit3-library'

This may be useful because now the AsUnit sources will be installed to:


instead of:


and you can now depend on this library as simply +:asunit+ in your compiler tasks.

You can easily create your own library gems using the Sprout::GemWrapTask and then refer to them by gem name.

In order to share your library tasks, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Tell interested developers to manually install your library gem
  • Upload your gem to any Rubyforge project file releases area.
      If your gem name begins with 'sprout-' and ends with '-library', you (and others) can refer to it by only
      the string in between that prefix and suffix. Otherwise, you (and others) will always have
      to set the gem_name parameter to the full name of your custom library.
  • Submit your library for inclusion from the ProjectSprouts project.
  • Add your gem to your own custom gem_server, and set up your rakefiles to pull from that server

You can search for all available libraries as follows:

  gem search -r sprout-*library

Only results that begin with ‘sprout-’ are known, valid libraries.