Path: sprout/doc/Task
Last Update: Fri Aug 07 21:52:02 -0700 2009

In Sprouts, a Task is referring to a Rake Task.

Rake is the automated build to written in Ruby. This tool is similar to Ant and Make if you‘re familiar with those technologies.

The main thing that differentiates Rake from it‘s competitors is the fact that Rake tasks are defined and configured in Ruby code rather than XML or C. This lets us more easily avoid repetition throughout a rakefile, and we gain the full power of the Ruby language to apply to our build scripts.

Essentially, Rake allows us to write and maintain much smaller, more digestible build scripts.

To learn more about Rake, check out Martin Fowler‘s seminal article on the subject.

At the time of this writing, Sprouts makes the following Rake tasks available: