Path: sprout/doc/Tool
Last Update: Fri Aug 07 21:52:02 -0700 2009

A Tool is a Ruby Gem that usually refers to an executable or binary application. These applications are either natively cross platform, or the Ruby Gem should include a YAML document that tells Sprouts where to go in order to get the appropriate binary for which platform the user is currently running.

CLI Tools are usually referenced by subclasses of Sprout::ToolTask.

Once installed, many Tool Sprouts are made available from your path. For example if you install the sprout-mtasc-tool gem, from that point forward you can execute mtasc from the terminal as follows:

  mtasc -help # Should throw an error
  sudo gem install sprout-mtasc-tool
  mtasc -help # Should download and execute mtasc

Using just Sprout tools by themselves, we now have have the ability to install and manage requisite executables across platforms with zero configuration.

In reality, ‘Tool Sprouts’ are actually nothing more than a naming convention and expected gem configuration, but once those requirements are met, the core Sprout::Sprout can do some important work with them.