Path: sprout/lib/sprout.rb
Last Update: Sat Aug 22 18:22:18 -0700 2009

Required files

rubygems   archive/tar/minitar   rake   rake/clean   open-uri   progress_bar   sprout/log   sprout/user   sprout/zip_util   sprout/remote_file_loader   sprout/archive_unpacker   sprout/remote_file_target   sprout/simple_resolver   sprout/template_resolver   rubygems/installer   rubygems/source_info_cache   rubygems/version   rubygems/digest/md5   sprout/project_model   sprout/builder   sprout/version   sprout/tasks/tool_task   sprout/general_tasks   sprout/generator  


Public Instance methods

Set an array of URLs to use as gem repositories when loading Sprout gems. Any rakefile that requires the sprout gem can use this method as follows:

  set_sources ['http://gems.yourdomain.com']


# File sprout/lib/sprout.rb, line 488
def set_sources(sources)
  Sprout::Sprout.gem_sources = sources

Helper method that will download and install remote sprouts by name and version


# File sprout/lib/sprout.rb, line 493
def sprout(name, version=nil)
  Sprout::Sprout.sprout(name, version)